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Already have a medical store/shop/space. Can I turn it into a Wellness Franchise?

Wellness forever Property Experts will be required to analyze the store and the immediate catchment. Subject to approval of the Property expert, you may open a Wellness Forever store in your premises.

In which city can I open a Wellness Forever franchise?

Wellness Forever is currently providing franchise approvals for Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka.

Which type of location is good for a Wellness Forever franchise store?

An ideal location to open a Wellness Forever franchise would be a rich neighborhood with high footfall areas and strong visibility. Availability of parking space is an added advantage.

What is the minimum space requirement to open a store?

The space requirement is about 600-1000 sqft. However, 750-900 sq ft is an ideal size. Minimum frontage required is 20ft. Ideal frontage should be 25-30ft. Corner properties are utmost desirable.

I am not from a Pharmacy business background, nor am I a pharmacist. Can I run a Wellness Forever franchise store?

It is not mandatory for the franchise partner to be a pharmacist, but the store team needs to include a minimum of 4 pharmacists. In addition, Wellness Forever provides detailed training to franchise partners and store staff appointed by them. Continuous Training is mandatory. It helps equip the team to run the store successfully.

What is the tenure of the franchise agreement?

The franchise agreement shall be for a period of 5 years with a letter of Intent for another 5 years.

What is the amount of investment I would need to make?

The total Investment of 75 Lakhs. Post your application, a detailed investment sheet shall be provided to you.

What is the expected turnover of the store?

Wellness Forever stores deliver higher turnovers than most of the organized and unorganized pharmacies. The turnover depends on the location. Post location finalization, a detailed 5 years business plan is made by our in-house experts.

When can I expect to breakeven at the store?

Our stores mostly break even within 3-7 months.

Are there minimum guaranteed returns in this business?

Wellness Forever stores deliver returns that are better than most of the pharmacy retail chains. The returns depend on the location potential, business acumen of the franchisee and level of engagement of the franchisee. Post property finalization, Wellness Forever business experts will share a 5 year business plan, which will also include the returns on investment. The earning potential of the franchisee in an average performance scenario is 25-30Lacs per year (over the first 5 years)

After becoming a franchise, if I want to open more stores of Wellness Forever, will you
provide that?

Yes. We would love to open the next store after a lead time of 15 months post the opening of the first store.

I am a property owner. Can I open a franchise store in my premises?

Basis the approval of our property experts, we may look at providing a franchise to you on your premises.

Will Wellness Forever help in finding the right property?

Yes, our Wellness Forever property experts will help you select the right property.

Will Wellness Forever help in arranging a license from Govt. authorities for the
pharmacy store?

Wellness Forever will provide you with complete guidance towards obtaining a license.

What all support will Wellness Forever provide?

Once the potential franchise signs up as a franchise partner with us, we will be guiding the franchise and help him/her set up the business and run the store profitably. During this process, we will be helping the franchise in recruitment, training, licensing and store operation. Also we will have our Operations team guiding the franchise at every step. At the backend, the franchise will have access to our Support team for quick resolution of all queries, concerns and issues.

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